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About the Wall

Who made the Wall of Shame?

@stagerabbit, a Theatre artist living in Yokohama started the wall on Thursday, March 17, 2011, after becoming fed up with the international media's irresponsible coverage of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake.  Since then, hundreds of people have joined the effort and submitted entries to the Wall of Shame and the other lists on this site.

The editors working on the edited version of the Wall of Shame are:

ID: @stagerabbit
Location: Yokohama, Japan
Background: Theatre Artist
Initials: SR

ID: Mike in Tokyo Rogers
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Background: Broadcast Media
Initials: MR

ID: @ahm
Location: Kyushu, Japan
Background: English teacher
Initials: AHM

ID @peacefulandjust (Twitter)
Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo
Background: Local Japanese, English as second language, practice Japanese acupuncture
Initials: HF

I see a piece that's not bad journalism!

The large list is a raw list of data with minimal editorial oversight.  We try to avoid deleting items on that list unless they are either duplicates, trolls, or the like.  Sometimes, very rarely, we do decide that an article does not belong on that list.  If an editor agrees, we will strike it out rather than deleting it, and make a comment about why we did so.  However, we try to keep our editorial input to a minimum on that list so that it can stand as a record of contributors' reactions

Is this just a problem with the reporting on the earthquake in Japan?

No. It's an ongoing problem (particularly with science reporting), but it has been highlighted by those of us who live here and are suddenly seeing our country being portrayed inaccurately in the international media to the detriment of our families' piece of mind, our adopted country's economy, and our lives as foreign residents of Japan.

Journalists are under immense pressure and tight deadlines!  How can you criticize if you haven't been in that situation?

Short answer: we don't expect critics to necessarily be part of the group or industry they comment on.

What's the solution to bad journalism?

We don't know.  It's a complex issue which at some point just relies on people doing the right thing.  Oh, and some science training.

Why are you being so negative?

Have you seen our other pages?  We have a wall of good journalism, a wall of good bloggers, a list of heroes, and a quotations page!