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Journalism Wall of Shame

Journalist Wall of Shame "raw feed" - submit your entry in the form below.


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Journalism Wall of Shame

Info Box

The Wall of Shame still needs some editors to process this huge amount of info. CLICK HERE for more info.

If you want to know why we're doing this, check out my blog entry Why Bad Journalism Has Driven Me To Desperate Ends

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Message from @stagerabbit

The plan (and we are kinda making this up as we go along) is to keep this page as a "raw feed" to document people's reactions to news stories rather than exercise editorial control. To underline: at the moment, this information is raw, and mostly unmoderated (any visible edits date from before we decided to maintain the wall as-is). We are working on an edited version of the wall, though it is not yet complete.

Severity of Offense Scores

1 - 2: Probably unintentional, and based on bad info that seemed legit

3 - 4: Not malicious, just misunderstanding of the situation
5 - 6: Reporting without checking easily-confirmed facts; lazy as opposed to malicious OR just dumb fluff piece using human tragedy as a background.
7 - 8: No fact checking; printing rumours as fact; sensational story more important than actual truth
9 : Fear mongering.
10 : Hysterical fear-mongering along with racial/cultural/political bias
11 : Satan

Journalism Wall of Shame

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