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  • Date: 2011-04-06
  • Score: 9
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  • Reporting faults and errors: Article takes place in alternate "worse than Chernobyl" universe; fabricated and false information; complete cognitive dissonance from any and all information reported in Japan
  • Description: "In Japan, there continues to be uncertainty about the extent of the danger from radiation exposure and lack of information about how many people have already been exposed to health-impairing radiation. We don't know how much contamination has leaked into surrounding land and water or when and how those leaks can be repaired." Except that we do....?!
    The wholesomeness of much of Japan's food supply has come under question." This will be news to people living in Japan.
    Article goes on to discuss how Japan will have to import all of its food now.
    There may be as many as 1,000 workers who are sacrificing themselves to prevent additional damage and repair existing damage to the nuclear reactors. It is possible some of these workers have been exposed to so much radiation that their lives will be changed in unforeseeable ways.  It is likely many of these workers will suffer the long-term effects of radiation exposure, including increased likelihood of leukemia within a few years and other cancers as much as a decade or more from now." If only TEPCO had understood nuclear safety and successfully rotated workers out specifically to avoid all of these things... oh wait
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