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  1. 1 2011-03-17


  • Reporter: CBC News Staff
  • Date: 2011-03-17
  • Score: 5
  • Link to Article: http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/story/2011/03/17/japan-us-evacuates-citizens.html
  • Reporting faults and errors: Absolutely no fact checking; scare-mongering.
  • Description: The article reports that Britain, the United States, South Korea, Australia and Germany have evacuated their citizens in Japan due to radiation from the stricken Fukushima reactor (simply not true: for instance, on the 17th, the British Embassy was suggesting that its nationals leave (at their own expense) but specifically stated on their website that it was not due to radiation fears).
    The author also makes it seem that because the Japanese are not running screaming through the streets that they are taking the nuclear crisis too lightly. 
    This article is based on 'files from The Associated Press', and is a good example of why reporters need to double check their sources. This is just the same as copying the wrong wiki article for your research paper.
  • JPquake Editor: SR, KR