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  1. 1 2011-03-30


  • Reporter: Jacques Attali
  • Date: 2011-03-30
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  • Reporting faults and errors: French columnist calls for "intervention" in Japan
  • Description: We'll let the article speak for itself: On the other hand, it is bewildering that the “international community,” which is so quick to intervene at the slightest violation of human rights, remains, in this case, totally complacent. When the facts were finally known in the subprime mortgage crisis, coordinated action was swift on a global scale.

    In this case, Japanese officials are merely asked in their own polite etiquette what the real facts are. No one insists when they refuse outside help in order not to spread panic, and to salvage their costly investment.

  • Another article from an alternate universe where Japanese officials are taking an anti-humanity stance and hiding "the real facts". The casual insertion of "violation of human rights" is a real mind boggler here.
  • JPquake Editor: AHM