Diario El Comercio


  • Reporter: None
  • Date: 2011-03-17
  • Score: 8
  • Link to Article: http://elcomercio.pe/impresa/2011-03-17
  • Reporting faults and errors: Rumor mongering
  • Description: "El miedo desata exodo en Japón"... translated as "Fear triggers exodus in Japan" (this did not happen)
    "La brisa radioactiva llega a Tokyo" ... translated as "radioactive breeze reaches Tokyo" (meaningless, fearmongering headline)
  • JPquake Editor: AHM


  • Reporter: None
  • Date: 2011-03-30
  • Score: 9
  • Link to Article: http://elcomercio.pe/impresa/2011-03-30
  • Reporting faults and errors: False reporting; fearmongering
  • Description: "Se teme fusión en uno de los reactores" ... translated as "fusion is feared in one of the reactors" (complete nonsense, this would be a Chernobyl style event)
    "Plutonio causa pánico en Japón" ... translated as "plutonium cause panic in Japan" (surely there is someone in Japan panicking, but this headline is meant to stir up fear)
  • JPquake Editor: AHM