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  1. 1 2011-03-18


  • Reporter: Verena Wolff
  • Date: 2011-03-18
  • Score: 6
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  • Reporting faults and errors: "Report" a thin excuse for accusing Japan of not understanding nuclear safety
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  • The article is implying that the Japanese protection suits are mere paper and that they are hence not strong enough to protect them from the "Hiroshima dosis" as it is mentioned in the headline. The reason why the author is suggesting this, is that German makers are world-leading (according to the author) and Japanese nuclear plants do not purchase their suits from those German companies. Another of these totally arrogant German articles showing that the Germans know sooo much better about everything regarding Fukushima - and actually seem not to care about the thousands that have died already or who are homeless.
  • JPquake Editor: HJS