Sun, The



  • Reporter: Virginia Wheeler
  • Date: 2011-03-17
  • Score: 9
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  • Reporting faults and errors: Using paranoic Tokyo shut-in as sole source; photo of "crowded" Tokyo airport that could have been taken in Golden Week; implying that face masks are related to radiation and not pollen allergies; obvious fear mongering and misinformation
  • Description: Almost all the assertions made by "terrified Brit" Keely Fujiyama would be refuted by many of us who live here: streets are deserted (no); no food in stores (wrong); British Embassy have "fled, and left [British citizens] to fry" (Ambassador and embassy staff are still here and working "around the clock" according to their website as of 2011-03-27); the list goes on.  Either Ms. Fujiyama is living in an alternate reality (interpret that how you may), or she is a fabrication of reporter Virginia Wheeler.  In either case, the article is a piece of sensationalist scare-mongering with no concrete facts and barefaced lies to paint a gross misrepresentation of the Japanese, their situation, and the UK government's response.
  • JPquake Editor: SR